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Paul McCartney's Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend


With a slightly round face and a sweet smile, Paul McCartney's grandson Donald Arthur resembles his grandfather during the early days of The Beatles. Donald has the same casually cool vibe that his grandpa exuded in past decades, and two have even coordinated outfits together, but did Donald inherit Paul's knack for showbiz?

As it turns out, Donald is a more academic and private person than the average rock star. Paul McCartney wanted his daughter Mary and his other kids to have a "normal" life, and Mary kept her own son's life that way; we do know Donald attended the University College School in London before transferring to Yale University.

Donald has made a notable American friend as a Brit studying in the States: Ava Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon's daughter. The duo was spotted in London in March 2018, and though they seemed like just two friends hanging out, their appearance caught people's attention, as did Paul whenever he visited Donald at Yale's campus.

Donald is also often spotted out and about with his mother, Mary. When Donald played tennis at Wimbleton with his mom by his side in the summer of 2018, the Daily Mail reported on his uncanny resemblance to Paul: "With his curling top lip and striking eyebrows, it's pretty clear that the apple didn't fall far from the Beatle tree."