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The following story contains discussion of domestic violence.

Content Warning
The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial will go down in infamy, and one Hollywood exec believes both actors' careers are done, saying, “they've both now aired such soiled laundry that it will be difficult [...] to place them in something that intends to invite a wide audience.” However, Depp already shows signs of a recovery.
Depp will play the part of King Louis XV in the upcoming film “Jeanne Du Barry,” and he’s made an appearance on prime-time TV. Depp is the face of the fragrance “Sauvage” by Dior, and an ad was aired on June 8, 2022 showing Depp in the middle of a desert, playing guitar and surrounded by wolves.
Despite Depp’s controversial reputation, Dior aired this same ad in the past, during an airing of “The Great Britain Bake Off.” The advertising standards authority responsible said the ad “received a total of 11 complaints” from viewers who thought it was inappropriate due to the domestic violence scandal.