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Jennifer Aniston Was Almost Cast In This Leading Role On NCIS

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Jennifer Aniston became a household name thanks to the sitcom "Friends,” and before that, her comedic talents almost landed her on "Saturday Night Live.” Interestingly, a report says Aniston once wanted to take her career in a much different, more serious direction.

According to Express, Aniston was once interested in joining the cast of "NCIS," and was up for the role of Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd, but it was given to Sasha Alexander instead. The outlet noted that because of her "Friends" filming schedule, Aniston couldn't join the beloved criminal drama.

Luckily, Aniston doesn't seem to have any regrets when it comes to her career choices. She said to THR, "I didn't know what was coming [for my career], and that's been nothing but blessed [...] even if it's a terribly reviewed, dumb comedy, it doesn't matter if it brings me joy”.