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Jared Leto smiling while holding an award.

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Jared Leto Confirmed The Real Reason He Doesn't Have Any Kids
While Jared Leto has largely succeeded in keeping his love life private, the star has been notably candid about the reason why he has decided to remain child-free.
For the most part, Leto believed he lacked the time to dedicate to fatherhood. “I think it’s really important to be present if you have children,” he told The Standard in 2017.
Although he says that he has “things to take care of” currently, Leto hasn’t discarded the idea entirely. “It would be fantastic to have kids,” the actor told ET in 2017.
Leto is even okay if the child comes as a surprise. “You never know. You may get the knock on the door that says [...] ‘Guess what?’ and that could be fun too,” he added.