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Ireland Baldwin: The Truth About Alec Baldwin's Daughter

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Ireland Baldwin got started in the modeling business in 2013, when she was still a teenager, by signing with IMG Models. IMG is a powerhouse in the industry that's credited with handling the careers of top names like Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, and Kate Moss, while also managing a younger generation of models.

In 2014, Baldwin and rapper Angel Haze confirmed they were in a relationship. However, Haze revealed that there was some confusion around their status, saying, "[E]veryone just calls us best friends, best friends for life, like we're just friends hanging out. It's funny. It's rad in some ways, it sucks in others."

When Baldwin's romance with Haze ended in 2015, the model decided that it was time to get some help and voluntarily checked into rehab. However, a source says it wasn't the relationship or breakup that led to Baldwin's rehab stay, but rather "emotional trauma."

The model was incredibly honest about her days dealing with eating disorders. In 2018, she took to her Instagram stories to write, "I battled with many eating disorders and body issues as a younger girl and it took me a long time to find self love and acceptance!”