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Inside Matilda Ledger's Life Today


Matilda Ledger was only two years old when her father, Australian actor Heath Ledger, tragically died of an accidental prescription-drug overdose in 2008. Matilda's mother, actor Michelle Williams, has made it a priority for the teen to live a normal and private life — here's how Matilda is doing today.

Matilda has had a very private upbringing in Brooklyn under Williams' care. In 2013, Heath Ledger's father, Kim Ledger, told US Weekly that Matilda has remained in contact with their family through the use of FaceTime, especially her twin cousins: "The kids Skype backwards and forwards," he revealed.

Matilda may not have to settle for FaceTime playdates much longer, as an insider told Women's Day that Ledger's daughter is gearing up for a trip to his home country to see her family in person. "Michelle is extremely protective of Matilda [...] but she has accepted Matilda's wishes," the source said.

It's reported that Matilda is most looking forward to summering at her late father's favorite place, Cottesloe Beach, and spending time with Heath's older sister Kate. "She knows how close Kate and Heath were growing up, and Matilda wants to learn more about her dad as a kid," the Women's Day source adds.