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Inside Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair's Tense Relationship

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Charlie Sheen isn't known for being easy to work with, and his off-screen behavior has caused some stars, like Lindsay Lohan, to have reservations about working with him. Others, like Jenny McCarthy, have been disappointed with his behavior on set, and we can now add Selma Blair to the ever-growing list.

Blair played one of the main characters on what was meant to be Sheen's comeback project, “Anger Management.” However, despite Blair's crucial role in the show, she did not make it to the end of the series, and her departure had everything to do with off-screen drama.

Blair had complained to series executives that Sheen was unprofessional, frequently arriving late and not displaying a very productive work ethic. Sheen reportedly had around 40 pages of dialogue per script, and Blair questioned whether he was up to the task.

Sheen was incensed when this news hit the press, and he told the show's producers to fire Blair, or he was out. Sheen had also privately texted Blair, calling her a c*** and essentially telling her that her days on the show were done. The day after TMZ broke the story, Blair was officially out.