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Soon after Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced in July 2015, Shelton started dating fellow “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani, who ended her marriage with Gavin Rossdale one month after Shelton and Lambert parted ways. This has left fans wondering how Miranda Lambert truly feels about Gwen Stefani.
Country singer Shelton and pop-rock diva Stefani seem like polar opposites, but Miranda Lambert was one of the few not shocked when the couple got together. A source reports that Lambert was “not surprised to hear of the romance… [Gwen and Blake] were always pretty flirty."
In 2016, Lambert stayed away from the sensationalism surrounding Shelton and Stefani, and stated that she prefers for her music to do the talking on the subject. In fact, Lambert hung up on an interviewer whose first question was, “How do you feel about Gwen?”

However, in 2019, a source claimed that Lambert once shamed Stefani’s appearance for “being built on a foundation of Botox and fillers." This certainly goes against Lambert’s past sentiments, but she was already happily married to Brendan McLoughlin by 2019, making it unlikely that she’d still be concerned with Gwen.

Speaking of McLoughlin, he and Lambert have been doing very well as of July 2020, with Lambert remarking that “we've already survived a pandemic so I think we're golden.” Nowadays, the country star is too busy being in love to give Gwen Stefani any more thought.