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Tim Scott speaking.

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Here's Why Tim Scott Has Never Been Married
While Tim Scott recently announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, it's the fact that he has never been married that’s grabbing the American people's attention.
Scott’s decision to remain unmarried is a result of his upbringing. "As a poor kid growing up, the most important thing for me to do was take care of my mom,” he told Politico.
Of course, as Scott became more successful and was able to care for his mother, he considered marriage, but considering his profession, it never seemed
like the right time.
In his 40s, Scott actually thought about marrying his girlfriend at the time, but when a position in Congress opened up, marriage no longer seemed like a good fit for him.
However, in a recent conversation with NBC News, Scott said, "Oh, there's always — there's always time for — a great relationship with a wonderful woman.”