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Here's What Madonna Looks Like Without Makeup

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Madonna has spent a lifetime working hard to look as good as she does. The pop icon's dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, told Marie Claire that the singer "is an extremely regimented, disciplined person and she follows the essentials to a tee.”
She has also always been sun-conscious and careful about her skin, saying that she has bad dreams about her daughter “ laying out by the pool without wearing any sunscreen.” She also believes so much in the power of hydration that she invested $1.5 million in the coconut water brand Vita Coco.
The singer has been working with esthetician Tarin Graham since 2010, who does "full facials once a month, which consists of microdermabrasion, photo facial, microcurrents, and an oxygen treatment." To help Madonna prepare for a major event, Graham says that she also includes an eye mask and an oxygen treatment "for intense hydration."