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Here's How Matthew Perry Really Spent His Friends Fortune
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Matthew Perry had a net worth of $120 million at the time of his death and much of his wealth was the result of his time on the show “Friends.”
Perry spent a good chunk of his fortune overcoming addiction and helping others who faced similar struggles. The actor admitted to spending roughly $9 million trying to get better.
In 2002, Perry shared that he was so intoxicated while filming the movie “Serving Sara” that he had to shell out over half a million to salvage his parts and “make real amends.”
The actor also spent a substantial amount on real estate. According to Architectural Digest, Perry had bought a home in Hollywood Hills for $5 million right before his death.
His existing house in Pacific Palisades is worth $6 million and Perry previously owned a $35 million penthouse that was eventually sold to Rihanna.
Perry’s most notable real estate investment was a house in Malibu, which he converted into a sober living facility called Perry House in 2013 — the actor sold it two years later.