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Grandchildren Who Look Just Like Their Legendary Grandparents

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Born in 1992, Elvis Presley’s grandson, Benjamin Keough, had an unruly mop of hair — a stark difference to Elvis' slicked-back style. Looking at photos, you can definitely tell they're related, as the millennial had the same enchanting eyes, fine facial features, and sultry expression as his grandfather.

ELizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was an "amazing, rowdy, badass, passionate pioneer, actress, activist, philanthropist, grandma," according to her grandson, Quinn Tivey. He is also carrying on Taylor's looks, with his dark crown of hair, dramatic brows, fair complexion, and striking eyes.

Kirk Douglas

Michael Douglas' son, Cameron Douglas, may not have looked like his legendary grandpa when he was younger. However, after spending seven years in prison for drug-related charges, the younger Douglas came out looking like "a ripped and tatted version of Kirk Douglas," according to the Los Angeles Times.


Camille Gottlieb is clearly one member of the Kelly family who shares her late grandmother's sophisticated looks. Living a rather fabulous life in Monte Carlo and abroad, she's often lounging around on the beach or spending time in the snowy mountains.

PAUL McCartney

Paul McCartney’s grandson, Arthur Donald, may not be following in his footsteps career-wise — instead, he's getting an Ivy League education at Yale University — but he is carrying on the star's casually cool vibe. That became obvious in 2018 when the two were spotted hanging out together in London.