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Famous Models Who Don't Look Like They Used To


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Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista looks much different than she did at the height of her career. After getting a CoolSculpting fat removal procedure, she was diagnosed with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a side effect that makes CoolSculpted areas look bigger rather than smaller, leaving an enlarged mass under the skin.

Janice Dickinson

If you look at the Vogue covers that Janice Dickinson has graced in her career, it's night and day compared to what she looks like today, and it has little to do with natural aging. Throughout the years, Dickinson had so many cosmetic procedures done, it was part of the reason that she filed for bankruptcy.

Maggie Greene

Many models consider shedding a few pounds a victory, but Maggie Greene gained 30 pounds for her mental health and to suit her new modeling agency. She posted a side-by-side photo of herself on Instagram, writing, "I was miserable restricting my diet and counting every calorie."
kate moss
Reporters during Kate Moss' heyday used the term "waif" to describe her, but she was seen looking fuller-figured in 2018. Moss told The Guardian that there were points in her career where she worried that she looked too thin, and her advice to models is not to strive for the "waif" look, but to "be yourself."
rosie mercado
Rosie Mercado lost almost 240 pounds, which the model, life coach, and TV personality talked to TMZ about in 2016. Mercado gushed over how happy she was, but others didn't share in her excitement: "people [...] resented [me] because they thought that diet equals being size zero."