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Elizabeth Taylor's Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend

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According to ABC News, famed actress Elizabeth Taylor "wasn't just considered the most stunning starlet in Hollywood, but the most beautiful woman in the world." Her grandson, Quinn Tivey, hasn't quite found the same level of fame, but he takes after his grandmother in ways we can't deny.

Tivey boasts the same beautiful crown of dark hair that his grandmother had, and he also shares Elizabeth's most famous feature: her striking blue eyes. Looks aren't all they have in common; while fans loved watching Taylor on the big screen, her grandson loved watching films with her by his side.

"We would lay in bed together, watching movies, chatting — she would give me advice," Tivey said. "Those are some of the ways I remember her most." It seems that Elizabeth's advice paid off; Tivey's resume is filled with acting and producing gigs, and he also carried on her work in a different way.

Taylor passed away in 2011, and in 2016, Tivey became the co-trustee for his grandmother's trust, which is behind the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. "I hope folks will not only remember her amazing career as an actress and a businesswoman, but also as the activist that she was," Tivey told "The Morning Show. "