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Donald Trump sitting and posing with a straight face.

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Donald Trump's Sister Maryanne Has Choice Feelings About Two Of His Kids
Maryanne Barry Trump's disdain for Donald Trump became public in 2020 when the Washington Post posted excerpts from recordings of conversations between Maryanne and her niece.
However, Maryanne didn't
stop with her sibling; in the recordings, she also clarified her feelings about Ivanka and Eric Trump by calling Ivanka a “mini Donald” and Eric “a moron.”
“Eric's become the moron publicly. Ivanka [...] She's a mini-Donald, but yet he's besotted with her,” Maryanne said in the recordings released to MSNBC’s “The Read Out.”
Maryanne also slammed Ivanka after she shared a photo of herself posing with her son, Theo, on the same day Donald announced
plans to separate migrant
children from their families.