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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 17: Georgina Rodríguez attends The 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at Michelob ULTRA Arena on November 17, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy)

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Details About Georgina Rodriguez's Life You Didn't Know

Humble Upbringing

Born to her Argentinian father, Jorge Eduardo Rodríguez Gorjón, and Spanish mother, Ana Maria Hernandez, Rodríguez spent her formative years in the small town of Jaca, Spain.
While Rodríguez didn’t come from money, she enjoyed her quiet life growing up and has always made her love for family — especially her mother and sister — known.

Paternal Figures

It is understandable that Rodríguez makes a point to avoid talking about her father, as he was a convicted drug dealer who was jailed in 2003 over drug trafficking offenses.
Her uncle, Jesus Hernandez, reportedly stepped up to help the family after Gorjón was jailed and was hurt when Rodríguez distanced herself after she started dating Ronaldo.

Working Odd Jobs

Rodríguez’s first gigs included waitressing at an eatery about an hour away from her hometown, working in a Massimo Dutti store, and becoming an au pair for a family in England.
She later nabbed a position at a Gucci store in 2016, after taking extensive English lessons, and signed with Uno Models in 2017, where she landed her first magazine cover.

Leaving Ballet

When Rodríguez’s mom put her in a ballet class hoping that it would help her come out of her shell, Rodríguez fell in love with dance and began dreaming of having a career in it.
However, by the time she was a teenager, her family could no longer afford to send her to classes, which squashed Rodríguez's hopes of becoming a ballet teacher someday.

Meeting Ronaldo

As Rodríguez recalled in Netflix's "I Am Georgina," she and Ronaldo clicked when she helped him pick out products at the Gucci store she was working at as a sales assistant.
Once they started dating, Rodríguez could no longer work at Gucci or any luxury retailers because of all the media attention, so she resorted to modeling.