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Dark Secrets The Kardashian Family Tried To Hide

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caitlyn's past habits

Before her public transition, Caitlyn Jenner tried to mediate her gender dysphoria by dressing in women’s clothing, and she was seen doing so by her family. The Kardashians hid Caitlyn’s habits for years, and she later explained that she “still [had] to be Bruce except for stolen moments where I [could] be my authentic self.”

rob's health issues

Rob Kardashian has called himself “fat” and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, but has been reclusive about his treatment, saying he “doesn’t believe in rehab or therapy.” A source reports that he was hospitalized in 2016 due to stress from his relationship with Blac Chyna, which caused his diabetes to flare up.

khloÉ didn't want kids

Khloé Kardashian once claimed she wanted kids with ex-husband Lamar Odom, but later admitted she “faked” trying to start a family with him, because their marriage wasn't “the right situation” for kids. Odom said he was hurt by Khloé’s words, and the fact that she revealed her secret on TV.

lamar's many issues

Lamar and Khloé had even more secrets when it came to Lamar’s affairs and drug use, and after their divorce, Khloé spoke about how she “covered up” for her ex-husband. Lamar regrets his actions, saying he “wasn't trying to repair my marriage; I was just trying to get high.”

did kris know?

Caitlyn Jenner claimed her ex-wife Kris knew of her gender identity when they met, which makes their family’s concealment of Caitlyn’s gender more egregious. Kris denied this and said she’d never been “more angry and disappointed in somebody,” which led Kim Kardashian to say that the two will never make up.