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Sami Sheen smiling.

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A Look At Sami Sheen’s Plastic Surgery Transformation
According to Entertainment Tonight, nearly a year after she joined OnlyFans, Sami Sheen revealed that she was waiting to get breast augmentation to show more of her body.
Page Six also revealed a photo Sheen had posted on Snapchat with the caption, “guess who got a new rack todayyyy,” on the day she underwent the surgery.
Sheen posted the first photos since getting her breasts enlarged on Instagram, in 2022, and her figure clearly looks different from how it used to be.
Although she looked happy and healthy in the photos, it didn’t come easy. As per Page Six, Sheen had documented her recovery on social media and explained how painful it was.
It wasn’t just her breasts that hurt, but other parts of her body, as well. Sheen shared on Snapchat, “& the neck and back pain is horrible from sleeping up straight.”