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'90s & '00s Pop Stars, Celebrity Relationships, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
  • Treva has published nearly 10,000 articles.
  • She was consistently one of The Inquisitr's top-performing writers.
  • Treva grew up in a household that only listened to country music, but when she saw her first episode of "TRL," pop became an obsession. To this day, she remembers the thrill of hearing Britney sing "Oh baby, baby," for the first time.


Treva started her journalism career straight out of high school, working for a small-town paper and writing her own column about local happenings. In 2011, she discovered a passion for pop culture writing when she joined the Yahoo! Contributor Network and began publishing articles on Yahoo! omg!. She later covered a wide variety of entertainment topics for The Inquisitr before joining the Elasq News and Elasq Features teams in 2021.


Because Treva joined the workforce after graduating high school, she had to pursue her writing career during her free time. By listening to feedback from editors and other writers, she was able to keep honing her skills until she found herself writing full-time.
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