Tom Meisfjord

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Marvel And DC Comics, Syndication-era Star Trek, Classic SNL
  • Tom Meisfjord has spent his life consuming media and expelling snarky comedy.
  • His writing has landed him spots in the Seattle International Comedy Competition and tours across the United States.
  • He is the co-creator of the 'Reel Comedy' sketch show and a regular contributor to Spokane, Washington's 50 Hour Slam film festival.


Tom has been a contributor to the Alb Media family of websites since 2018, when he started writing as a freelancer for Grunge. Since then, he's turned his borderline-obsession with popular culture into a fulltime career, helping to spearhead new scripted and improvised content including "Everything Marvel," "Looper Show," and the original internet comedy series "Okay So Basically." His encyclopedic knowledge of the nerd world makes him sort of a pain at social functions, but could be just the shot in the arm that your pop culture appreciation needs.
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