Nataly Stayse

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Nairobi, Kenya
Egerton University, Njoro Campus
Beyoncé, The Kardashians, Love Is Blind
  • Nataly is a certified member of the Bey Hive and an ardent admirer of Beyoncé's staunch work ethic. Years of listening to the "I Was Here" singer have eventually morphed into zealous work.
  • Over the years, she has anonymously lent her breathtaking wordplay to a number of celebrity projects in her home country, including memoirs and self-help books.
  • Nataly is fascinated by all things "Love is Blind." Right from the beginning when Cameron and Lauren set the pace with their exceptional fairytale, she's been glued to the vulnerability, the messiness, and the shade of it all.


Nataly is a seasoned writer with an innate passion for all things celebrity. Her writing career began on Magazine Reel in 2014, an online campus news site. She was drawn to the craft because of the insatiable need to tell stories and do it well. With her, the audience gets the ultimate A-game: authenticity, a sprinkle of wit, and a writer's best weapon — thorough research. She's previously worked for TheThings and TVOvermind.


Nataly holds a bachelor's degree in biomedical science, which is about as far as one gets from the world of celebrities. Her life as a writer is therefore a calling that has taken a life of its own.
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