Lia Fairchild

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Murrieta, CA
San Diego State University, National University
Books, Movies, TV
  • Lia is a freelance script editor and writer for Alb Media.
  • She has more than 15 years of experience in writing and editing, working in the fields of PR, marketing, and advertising.
  • As a bestselling author, she has published more than a dozen fiction novels, with several reaching the Top 10 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


As a writer, published author, and professional copy editor, Lia has the unique outlook of seeing a project from many angles. She's worn various hats over the years and has worked with a range of clients, such as Kodak and Hewlett Packard. Her college degree in journalism has also allowed her to take on other special opportunities, including a stint working at the Emmy Award-winning branding and advertising agency Raindrop. Besides her own bestselling novels, she's worked with dozens of top authors and publishers on their bestselling books. Lia also works as a ghostwriter and editor for the reading app Radish.


Lia earned her journalism degree from San Diego State University, as well as her multiple subject teaching credential from National University.
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