Layla Abdeljabbar

Photo of Layla Abdeljabbar
Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn College
Bravo Housewives, Women's Health, Makeup Trends
  • Layla previously co-hosted a podcast centered around all things pop culture. She reviewed music, covered hot topics, and recapped reality television.
  • She has written multiple cover stories for Cliché Magazine, where she conducted exclusive interviews with actors, musicians, and television hosts.
  • As a writer, she had the chance to cover New York Fashion week and interview designers.


Growing up, Layla was always intrigued by the world of media, and in the years since then, her love for media has only grown. Whether she is hosting radio shows on campus, blogging, or co-hosting a podcast, she simply loves sharing her perspective on pop culture and connecting with an audience. Outside of her own personal writing, she has worked in the marketing field as a copywriter. She has collaborated with many cosmetic and fashion brands for various marketing campaigns.


Layla received a bachelor's degree in media communications in 2018 from Brooklyn College.
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