Kristen Gaydos

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Northeastern Pennsylvania
King's College, Wilkes University
1990s TV & Movies, Eclectic Fashion & Design, Hair & Nail Trends
  • As an entertainment reporter, Kristen interviewed a wide range of celebrities from Joan Rivers, Liza Minnelli, and Charlotte Flair to Kevin Bacon, Aziz Ansari, and Seth Rollins.
  • She is an award-winning journalist, achieving recognition for breaking news and lifestyle publications.
  • Kristen is currently a freelance editor for The List and the assistant city editor for The Citizens' Voice.


Kristen has worked as a professional editor, journalist, and writer for almost two decades. She worked as a municipal reporter before moving to the entertainment, restaurant, and lifestyles beat at The Citizens' Voice, a Times-Shamrock publication in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There, she wrote many features on upcoming concerts, shows, and celebrity appearances and also reviewed many of these events. Kristen is an adjunct writing instructor at King's College and has also worked at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, arranging wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.


Kristen has a bachelor's degree in English and writing from King's College and a master's in creative writing from Wilkes University, both in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
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