Kathryn Cook

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Chicago, IL
Michigan State University
Real Housewives, Hoda Kotb, TLC Shows Like "Sister Wives"
  • One of Kathryn's articles from The Inquisitr was featured on Demi Lovato's documentary, "Dancing With The Devil."
  • Amy Schumer wore Kathryn's shirt from her previous adult clothing line on the cover of "Vanity Fair."
  • She loves covering anything from the housewives to A-list celebs like Jennifer Aniston.


Kathryn started her writing career in 2011, working for Rant and making the ever-popular "20 ways to..." lists. She later branched out to their other verticals, Rant Chic and Rant Sports. Next, Kathryn headed to WetPaint where she reported on celebrity gossip and fell in love with all things celeb. After that, Kathryn enjoyed several years at The Inquisitr where she again wrote trending celeb gossip. Kathryn found a home at Alb Media in 2021, writing for Elasq. She also runs a children's clothing line, Kiki + Lulu.


Kathryn Graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor's Degree in communication.
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