Kaitlyn Carrera

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California State University Long Beach, UCLA's Extension Program
Pop Music, "The Bachelor", The Kardashians
  • During her time as an entertainment news journalist, Kaitlyn has been able to cover some exciting red-carpet events, from the iHeartRadio Music Awards to Super Bowl Sunday concerts.
  • Kaitlyn is a huge concertgoer and has gone to well over 30 concerts. Anytime a big pop star is in town, she will always be at their concert.
  • Kaitlyn interviewed Giselle Woo & The Night Owls, a band on Coachella's 2022 lineup. Kaitlyn was able to tell the story of their musical journey toward one of the biggest festivals in the music industry.


After nearly a year of taking rigorous courses at UCLA's Extension program, Kaitlyn obtained a journalism certificate. During her time at UCLA and even after, she worked as an intern for an entertainment news site called CelebSecrets. At CelebSecrets, she handled both written and social media content. In her intern position, she got hands-on experience by interviewing talent, attending events, and writing the latest stories on the biggest celebrities. After her internship ended, she became a freelance entertainment news writer at Elasq, where she covers everything and anything involving pop culture.


Kaitlyn received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus in marketing from California State University, Long Beach. Knowing she had a strong passion for entertainment journalism, she went back to school and pursued a journalism certificate as she attended UCLA's Extension program. Through UCLA, she was able to take entertainment news, reporting and writing, and media law courses.
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