Jurnivah Désir

Photo of Jurnivah Désir
New York City
Boston University
Sex And The City, One Direction, Bella Hadid
  • Jurnivah loves pop culture with a passion. From One Direction to Beyonce and Victoria Monet, her love for music has always been her guiding light.
  • In her time as a music journalist, Jurnivah had the pleasure of interviewing upcoming artists like Baby Storme.
  • She's a big fan of anything fashion related, especially when it comes to judging the latest looks on the runway.


Jurnivah began writing at a young age, starting her professional career while in university. She went on to write for several publications, such as Dynamic Television and Sparky.wtf. She also used her leadership and language skills to teach art classes at a bilingual elementary school. Jurnivah joined Alb Media in 2022 and has since been putting her love of television, music, and fashion into features for Elasq.


Jurnivah graduated from Boston University with Bachelor's of Science in film and television, and a minor in sociology.
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