Jesse Gormley

Photo of Jesse Gormley
Bensalem, PA
Holy Family University, Temple University
History, Pop Culture, Music
  • Jesse has been writing about all kinds of fun and fantastic things on the internet since 2004.
  • Jesse has written for some popular Pop Culture sites like CBR, The Mary Sue, and Ripley's: Believe It or Not.
  • Jesse recently received his Master of Education from Holy Family University, graduating with a 3.5 on the Harvard scale.


Since the early days of blogging, Jesse Gormley has been writing on the internet. A self-described "modern-day Mark Twain," Jesse hit the world wide web as a "daddy blogger," what with him raising 4 kids by himself and all. From there, Jesse branched off into pop culture writing about toys and comics, eventually creating a toy site of his own, The Newsbox in 2015.


Jesse graduated from Temple University in 1993, with a degree in Radio Programming tucked under his arm. In 2019, Jesse went back to school to obtain a Masters in Education.
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