Jane Lasky

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Reno, NV
Syracuse University, New York University, The New School, George Washington University
TV, Theater, Fashion, Travel
  • Jane has written for Vogue, Esquire, Emmy, and Rolling Stone.
  • Jane Lasky has covered leisure pursuits in a syndicated newspaper column based on her travel experiences as well as another syndicated column on where celebrities roam and why.
  • She has also worked in television, producing for a CBS LA magazine show and for MTV Asia out of Hong Kong.


Jane Lasky covered leisure pursuits for decades, both online and in print. When newspapers were the main source of daily reading, she contributed by writing a syndicated column based on her travel experiences and another syndicated column containing interviews with celebrities about where they have gone during hiatus. Jane has also frequently contributed to a slew of magazines, including Rolling Stone, Vogue, Emmy, and Esquire. Her expertise has also led to producing gigs on a CBS LA magazine show and in Hong Kong for MTV Asia. Jane quickly learned that she has never met a stranger, no matter where she has roamed.


Jane studied at Syracuse University, earning in a BA in journalism and music. She also took advanced degree courses in film at New York University, photography at the New School, and tourism at George Washington University. Because of her diverse education, she is able and excited to write for Alb Media's entertainment sites.
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