Gene Kosowan

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University Of Alberta
American Politics, Celebrity Scandals, Professional Sports Controversies
  • Writing features for Elasq has enabled Gene to pursue a personal guilty pleasure of poking through the darkness to unearth the shadier sides of high-profile personalities.
  • He loves to pursue unique angles whenever he interviews a celebrity. One Q&A had the late Norm Macdonald gushing with joy about his love for hockey, while another with film icon Jacqueline Bissett lasted for a few hours when she chatted about art.
  • Although he's not American, Gene loves writing about U.S. politics simply because the goings-on rival any story arc you'd find in a soap opera or primetime story show.


Gene's first exposure to writing professionally at a university-based radio promotion rag before a national magazine called Music Express contacted him to become a regional correspondent. Editorial tenure at a local newsweekly followed before he landed a writer-editor gig at Satellite ORBIT, where he wrote extensively about Hollywood movies and television, even interviewing luminaries from Rob Lowe to Martha Stewart. Later opting for a freelancing career, he spent three years at Valnet penning for its numerous brands about the weirder elements of celebrity culture. He jumped ship for Elasq in 2021, where he covers everything from celebrity clashes to their opulent lifestyles.


Gene studied economics and political science at the University of Alberta, where he earned a B.A. It was at the campus radio station CJSR-FM that he cultivated his interest in popular culture.
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