Frank F.

Pop Culture Trivia, Movies, TV
  • Frank is passionate and knowledgeable about comedy both old and new, including the last several decades of Saturday Night Live cast members and all of the standout Netflix comedy specials.
  • As an old soul and a Criterion Collection enthusiast, Frank is well-versed in the stars and scandals of Old Hollywood, from the filmography of Audrey Hepburn to the tragic deaths of James Dean and Sharon Tate.
  • Frank loves keeping up with today's top TV dramas; favorites include The Queen's Gambit, Fargo, and Succession.


Frank began her writing career as a journalist and copy editor for her college newspaper. She earned a Collegiate Journalism Award for her first published article. Since graduating in 2018, she has worked as a website content writer; a music journalist for an award-winning alt-weekly newspaper; and a freelance magazine journalist covering arts, culture, and entertainment. She puts her love of words and her encyclopedic pop culture knowledge to use writing news articles and features about history and the entertainment realm for Alb Media.


Frank has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Writing. She was heavily involved in the student newspaper and student blog at her university.
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