Felix Behr

Photo of Felix Behr
Philadelphia, PA
Oberlin College
History, Science, Technology, Business
  • Felix is a long-term news writer for Mashed and Tasting Table.
  • Felix's historical knowledge helps place food and other products within their context, including exactly what the Athenians did with their radishes.
  • Having helped found a magazine that covered changes wrought by technology, Felix knows never to take anything any marketing says seriously, as all it does is obscure what their product actually is.


Felix has been professionally writing for four years. His most major project has been to help form the international magazine Mayday. There he honed his writing by covering changes at the intersection of technology, science, and culture. Now he treats food as the same convergence point between technology, science, and culture.


Felix received a double degree from Oberlin College, consisting of B.A. in Ancient Greek Language & Literature and B.A. in Comparative Literature. Having studied the baffling sentence structures of Latin and Greek writers, the mounds of waffle that emanate from PR Agencies sway him not.
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