Fabio Magnocavallo

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Cottesloe, UK
Music, Celebrity, Pop Culture, TV
  • Fabio is a news and features writer for Elasq.
  • He's previously written for a whole range of sites including Yahoo! and Inquisitr.
  • His other current work includes interviewing stars and producing cover stories for magazines.


Fabio has been a professional writer for nearly a whole decade. He has spent a lot of his time interviewing musicians and celebrities while producing cover stories for magazines. After Fabio's first paid gig for Yahoo!, he quickly became a contributor for a whole range of sites including Inquisitr, The Things, and EUPHORIA, and is now a full-time journalist. He joined the Elasq team in 2021 and uses his knowledge of music, celebrity, and all things pop culture to his advantage by writing features and news articles for the site.


Fabio's Media dissertation on David Bowie, Madonna and Janet Jackson was proof he was born to write about the world of pop culture.
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