Drew Gillis

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New York, NY
Boston College
Music, Pop Culture, Movies, TV
  • Drew is a news editor and writer at Elasq.
  • He has previously contributed to pop culture outlets like Screen Rant and Mercury Magazine. He is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of doomer, a culture blog.
  • Drew also studied comedy writing at the Second City in Chicago and enjoys filming music videos and short sketches.


Drew is a writer based in New York City. Originally from Maine, he earned a degree in communication from Boston College. He has written for Screen Rant and Mercury Magazine and co-founded doomer, a pop culture blog. He studied at the Second City Training Center and has written and filmed several sketches and music videos. Drew also wrote, composed, and directed "Family Jewels," a murder mystery musical comedy extravaganza about reality TV. Drew joined the Alb Media team in 2020 and puts his pop culture acumen to use editing and writing articles for Elasq.


Drew earned a Bachelor's degree from Boston College in Communication.
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