Daryl Nelson

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Virginia Union University, Virginia State University, Medgar Evers College
Hip-Hop Culture, Rock History, NBA
  • Since childhood, Daryl has been obsessed with everything music, regardless of the genre, which continued into adulthood. Each day, he combs through the latest releases, while doing deep dives into the artists' background and music history.
  • As an entertainment reporter and music journalist for over 20 years, Daryl had the privilege of interviewing some of the biggest names in music, including OutKast's Big Boi, and Grammy award winner India Arie. ‌
  • Daryl has been passionate about the NBA for almost his whole life, which led him to write about pro basketball as an adult. He also has a deep knowledge of Major League Baseball and the NFL.


Daryl's journalistic journey started over two decades ago, writing for sites like AllHipHop, The Boombox, and the International Business Times. He's also written for print publications like Reader's Digest and the Montgomery County Sentinel, where he ran the paper's entertainment section. Furthermore, he was the lead editor of the now-defunct New York City newspaper The Urban Post.


Daryl studied English at Virginia Union University, Virginia State University, and Medgar Evers College.
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