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The University Of Glasgow
Female-led TV Dramas, Superhero Actors, Harry Potter Actors
  • Catriona was named The Independent's Writer of the Month in September 2020 for her opinion piece calling out rape culture in the entertainment industry.
  • As a self-proclaimed superhero fangirl, Catriona is excited about the increasing number of female-led shows making their way onto the small screen and could talk about Melissa Benoist's iteration of "Supergirl" all day long.
  • She takes every opportunity to dive into the behind-the-scenes drama of her favorite TV shows. A personal favorite at Elasq was digging into the biggest scandals to hit teen dramas.


Catriona got her start writing about female-led TV shows for online sites like Small Screen. As her career has advanced, she's written about a variety of entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle topics for publications like The Indiependent and The Sun. She loves to discuss, analyze, and dissect the way women are portrayed on screen, and she is passionate about gender equality in the entertainment industry. Her focus also extends to contemporary feminist fiction and mental health. Catriona joined the Alb Media family in 2021 as a freelance features writer for Elasq. She continues to channel her passion for entertainment and pop culture for the outlet, alongside writing about TV and film for Looper, having joined their features team in 2022.


Catriona has an M.A. in classics and English literature from the University of Glasgow. Her education inspired her to pursue an editorial career, and she has been working as a freelance journalist and writer ever since she graduated.
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