Brooke Knappenberger

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Brooklyn, NY
University Of Missouri
Movies, TV, Gaming
  • Brooke has been writing and editing professionally for about 3 years.
  • Brooke has written for several publications based in Columbia, Missouri including Columbia Missourian, Vox Magazine, MUTV, and The Maneater.
  • Brooke has covered national festivals, such as the documentary film festival True/False and the Roots N Blues music festival.


Brooke has been writing and editing for about three years. She got her first taste of entertainment media when she began working as an entertainment reporter for Columbia, Missouri's MUTV in 2017. There, she covered the town's entertainment scene, interviewed local celebrities, and occasionally reviewed the latest fashion trends. Eventually, Brooke became head of the entertainment department where she led a team of reporters and guided the department's content. Brooke has also written and edited for Columbia, Missouri's Vox Magazine, where she covered all things city life including food and drink, culture, health and city events. When she's not catching up on movies and TV shows from her ever-growing watch list, you can find her either online shopping, reading YA fantasy novels, and/or jamming out to Drake.


Brooke has a bachelor's in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism, one of the top journalism schools in the country.
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