Brooke Hardington

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Jacksonville, FL
Harvard University
Celebrity Relationships (Especially, The Kardashians), The Royals, Celebrity Features
  • In her role at various PR and entertainment firms, Brooke has helped manage celebrity talent, including Kevin Hart, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Ayesha Curry, Gwen Stefani, and more. (She can confirm that, yes, K-Hart is just as nice and funny as he seems on TV!)
  • She has written several celebrity pieces that drove high traffic to Elasq, including "Kourtney Kardashian's Ill Thoughts About Tristan Thompson Are Clear" and "What Really Happened To Miiley Cyrus' Voice?"
  • She has taken several creative writing classes at Gotham Writers' Workshop, as she's committed to growing creatively and being the best writer she can be.


Brooke is a professional copywriter at a New York-based public relations company, authoring everything from social copy for candy bars to thought visibility platforms for corporate execs. She has been working as a copywriter since 2018 and previously worked in account management for spirits brands. She began working in editorial circa the pandemic, honing her chops at SheFinds, where she covered health, lifestyle, and celebrity news. Brooke joined the Alb Media family in October 2020 and put her love of sports and pop culture to good use as a writer and briefly worked as an editor in early 2022.


Brooke received a B.A. in romance languages and literature at Harvard. Studying the origins of various languages empowered her command of the spoken and written word.
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