Brian Yost

Photo of Brian Yost
Philadelphia, PA
University Of Michigan, Villanova, Institut Francais De La Mode
'90s Sports Stars, Aughts Pop Stars, Oscar Nominees
  • Brian's dad was a combination engineer and writer for an aviation website so he decided to do the same, only instead of reporting on planes, Brian found Elasq to talk about his favorite celebs.
  • Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Brian's upbringing included frequent trips to Broadway, proven by a photo next to Jeff Goldblum who is looking in the complete opposite direction.
  • The second he went off to college, Brian subscribed to a new company called Netflix to receive DVDs in the mail so he could binge all the movies with R-ratings that he never saw as a child.


Brian grew up with a middle school English and drama teacher for a mother, so he had no choice but to be perfect in every writing assignment. He also began consuming countless hours of music thanks to Limewire, plus analyzing every lyric and article he could find on his favorite emo bands. Brian then created a blog in college about all types of subjects, from movies to travel. Then after writing for a friend's pop culture blog and Medium on two of his favorite topics, fashion and music, Brian stepped up to the big leagues in 2019 to begin writing for Elasq.


Brian has a B.S.E. from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and a masters in International Business and Management from the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, France.
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