Barbara Pavone

Photo of Barbara Pavone
Montreal, Canada
Concordia University
The British Royal Family, "90 Day Fiancé", Hallmark Movies
  • Barbara has watched every single Hallmark holiday movie released since 2019, and she has no plans to stop tuning in anytime soon.
  • While working for a British print magazine (remember those?!), she had the privilege of meeting and interviewing two of her most beloved musical idols: Iggy Pop and Lemmy Kilmister.
  • Having Kim Kardashian share "Kendall Jenner's Hottest Looks Of 2017" (The List) with her Facebook followers remains one of her fondest Alb Media memories.


Barbara's career as a writer began over a decade ago. Since then, she's written and edited for numerous online and print publications across a variety of topics. Just some of the outlets she's loved contributing to include Brit+Co, Société Perrier, Skin Deep UK, Clutter,, First for Women, and AskMen. She began working for Alb Media in 2016.


Barbara holds a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University.
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