Antonia Georgiou

Photo of Antonia Georgiou
London, United Kingdom
Queen Mary University Of London, UCL
Dogme 95, New Queer Cinema, The Wire
  • As a teenager, Antonia wrote a number of poems that were used in a low-budget independent British film.
  • Antonia has edited screenplays for several British indie films.
  • Of particular interest to Antonia is Cinéma vérité, including Italian neorealism, British social realism, and Dogme 95, and she can quote many films from these genres by heart.


From a young age, Antonia Georgiou exhibited her passion for film. As a child, she began making her own experimental films, inspired by the likes of Maya Deren and Stan Brakhage. An ardent grammar nerd, she loves editing as much as writing. In addition to Elasq, she has written for The F Word, New Socialist (where she was also culture editor), Daily Meal, The Things (where she wrote over 200 articles), Vegan Feminist Network, and Mookychick.


Antonia has a degree in English literature from Queen Mary University of London and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from University College London.
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