Angela Campbell

Photo of Angela Campbell
South Carolina, United States
University Of South Carolina
Scream Franchise, Podcasts, Superman
  • Prior to the pandemic, Angela often hosted free movie screenings for those in her community and had a reputation for correctly guessing Oscar winners.
  • Liam Hemsworth once pulled her out of a "Hunger Games" press line to compare heights because she towered over the crowd. Result: He was about two inches taller.
  • Her favorite convention is DragonCon in Atlanta because of the wide array of fandoms that happily come together to celebrate their obsessions.


A versatile journalist, Angela has won awards for both feature and news writing. She began her career as a highly read movie reviewer and celebrity interviewer for her community newspaper, eventually moving on to write about pop culture for various outlets, including USA Today, Dread Central, and The List. Her book, "On the Scent," is a USA Today bestselling novel and showcases her deep-rooted love of all things romance, suspense, and animals.


Angela has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina and has taken several courses through Poynter's News University.
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