Andy Sahadeo

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Hofstra University
Music, Royals, Pop Culture
  • Andy has been writing for seven years, previously covering politics before transitioning into entertainment.
  • He is a former Production Assistant at Fox News, where he covered entertainment and built out SEO-based content for all verticals of Fox News Digital.
  • His artistic and cultural affinity stems from a childhood teeming with professional wrestling, "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," and reading incredibly obscure Wikipedia articles.


Andy Sahadeo is a journalist and musician hailing from New York City. Growing up in Queens and Long Island, his passion for culture stems from the spirited milieu of the Big Apple. With his lifelong penchant for writing, Andy's work has appeared at Fox News, New York Post, Page Six, The Advertiser, The Daily Telegraph, Fox Business, and more. Furthermore, he specializes in music, pop culture, sports entertainment, and has an unexpected obsession with the royal family. In his free time, you can find Andy binge-watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," obnoxiously downtuning his 7-string guitar, and penning dissertations on the brilliance of Limp Bizkit.


Andy graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Hofstra University — majoring in Mass Media Studies and double minoring in Sociology and International Business. The intersection of these three fields of study, combined with his multicultural upbringing, allows Andy to provide a fresh and unique perspective on current events within the entertainment world.
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