Amanda Kawalek

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New York, NY
M.Ed., Ohio State University; B.A. In Journalism, Ohio State University
Pop Culture, Arts, Lifestyle
  • Amanda is an English teacher with nine years of experience in education.
  • She has worked as a freelance writer for newspapers, magazines, legislative publications, corporate websites, small businesses, education companies, and more.
  • She is currently working to write a memoir.


Amanda is a Master's educated, Manhattan-based professional with 15 years of writing and editing experience in many different capacities and content areas. She currently serves in her ninth year as a full-time English Language Arts teacher, a role she finds enjoyable, challenging, and extremely rewarding. Her former career in corporate communications, as well as her college career in journalism, is a passion she continues through her freelance writing work. Over the years, Amanda covered a breadth of topics including metropolitan news, human interest stories, politics, entertainment, pop culture, and more. She has been published in The Columbus Dispatch, SHAPE magazine, Gongwer News Service, C-BUS Magazine and The Lantern at Ohio State University, to name a few. She joined Alb Media in 2021 and looks forward to updating her published work and fine tuning her writing craft.


Amanda has a Master of Education degree (specializing in Integrated Language Arts, grades 6-12) from Ohio State University. She also holds a bachelor's from Ohio State in journalism, with a minor in political science.
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