Allison Bowsher

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Phoenix, AZ
York University, Ryerson University, University Of Guelph
TV, Movies, Celebrity
  • Allison has interviewed more than a hundred A-listers throughout her career, helping to perfect her skills as a pop culture expert.
  • Allison's love of TV and movies has made her an expert on the small and big screen, with her love of entertainment giving her a huge knowledge base on pop culture.
  • Allison's thirst for all things pop culture extended into her academic life, where she focused her Master's thesis on the importance of pop music soundtracks on YA films.


For more than a decade, Allison Bowsher has been a professional entertainment writer who has covered music, movies, TV, and fashion, and she's interviewed some of today's biggest celebrities. A Canadian now living and working in the US, Allison spent much of her early career as the Editor of, the website for the nation's music station, Much (formerly MuchMusic). During her time as Editor, Allison interviewed some of the biggest names in music and movies, including Jason Segel, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Jason Sudeikis, and Ed Sheeran. Her work as a producer and photographer introduced her to stars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga, and her coverage of shows like Grey's Anatomy, Degrassi, and The Voice helped build an online audience on, as well as Allison currently writes for Canada's top entertainment site Etalk and Penske Media's SPY, where she covers entertainment and lifestyle pieces. Her work has also appeared on E!, MTV, The Comedy Network, CBC, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo!.


Beginning with an undergraduate degree in Honors Marketing and expanding into Communication and Culture in grad school, Allison has always brought her passion for film, TV, music and celebrity to her studies as a way to hone her craft as a writer and pop culture expert.
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