Aisha Rimi

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Queen Mary, University Of London, University Of London
TV, Movies, Popular Culture
  • Aisha is a freelance News Writer for Elasq.
  • She's previously written for Bustle, gal-dem, Tyla, Amaliah, LAPP the Brand, and Cambridge News.
  • She's a featured essayist in an anthology written by Muslim women, published in May 2021, called Cut From The Same Cloth.


Aisha Rimi is a freelance journalist with a keen interest in pop culture, entertainment, social issues and underrepresented voices. She's written for a range of online publications including Bustle, gal-dem, Amaliah, Tyla, and LAPP the Brand. Aisha was previously editor of XCity Magazine. She's a featured essayist in an anthology about the lives of Muslim women in the UK called Cut From The Same Cloth.


Aisha's had a love for languages since she was young and can now speak four languages, after completing a degree in French and German. She completed a Masters in Magazine Journalism to further her journalism career.
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