Acacia Deadrick

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South Dakota
Morningside University
Sitcoms, Saturday Night Live Stars, Bravo
  • Acacia is a Real Housewives enthusiast. She read live tweets straight from the courtroom the day Salt Lake City's own Jen Shah was sentenced.
  • She loves fashion, particularly clothes. She's a sucker for any look that's black and white, a fact to which her closet can attest.
  • Acacia has written on a wide variety of topics from the best food processors and blenders to the most iconic celebrity pregnancy announcements.


While working from home for a non-profit organization during the pandemic, Acacia used her extra time to pursue her passion for writing. Her writing career started in earnest with Elasq where she displayed her extensive knowledge of all things celebrities. She soon began working at Mashed, using her love of food and wine to guide her pieces, as well as her love of fashion and beauty to write for Glam. Always looking for a new challenge, Acacia now also writes for The List.


Acacia earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Morningside University (then Morningside College).
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