Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Family Just Got A Bit Bigger

Well, here's some fun news! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, the cool mom and dad many wish they had, just welcomed the newest member of their little family. 

The "Game of Thrones" actor and second-hottest Jonas Brother were married in 2019 in a super-secret ceremony in the south of France, according to Vogue. Not long after that, the couple had their first child, a daughter named Willa, in July of 2020, according to Entertainment Tonight. "The couple is already obsessed and can't stop gloating about their new addition," a source told the outlet at the time. "The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends." Privacy, especially when it comes to their daughter, has always been a priority for Jonas and Turner. They don't post photos of her to their social media accounts, and Turner has gone off on paparazzi for taking photos of her without her consent, per Cosmopolitan

That said, they do have some news to share now.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have a new baby girl

Almost exactly two years after the birth of their daughter Willa, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have welcomed their second little cutie, according to People, bringing their family from three to four. "Joe and Sophie are happy to announce the arrival of their baby girl," representatives for both Jonas and Turner told the outlet on July 14. But as for the other details, there's not much yet to report. It's unlikely the parents' social media policy with regards to their kids has changed, so we may not get a glimpse of either girl until they're fully grown. We can't tell you what the couple has decided to name their new baby yet, either. 

As for whether little Willa is ready to be a big sister, Turner told Elle in and interview that she doesn't seem to understand exactly how pregnancy works, but she may have an inkling that something's about to change. "She is a lot clingier than normal, so I think she has an idea," Turner said. "She wants Mummy all of the time — she's claiming her territory." Cute!