Kris Jenner Is In Hot Water Over Her Treatment Of Kendall Jenner

There's been a baby boom in KarJenner-land over the last few years. While Kourtney Kardashian had her first child, Mason Disick, with her ex Scott Disick back in 2009, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her as-of-yet-unnamed baby boy with Travis Scott as recently as February 2022. 

In addition to being momager and matriarch extraordinaire, Kris Jenner is a proud grandmother to 11 grandchildren, all of whom call her "Lovey," per The Daily Mail. And while they're still only tots, Kris hasn't ruled out the possibility that her grandchildren could one day take over the running of the family business. "I think that it could be a combined — I think all the granddaughters and the grandsons [could] get together and just form like a little agency," she told Newsweek.

In good news for Kris, there's no shortage of grandkids to shoulder this responsibility. In fact, all of her kids — with the exception of Kendall Jenner — have children of their own. Though Kendall told Vogue that she wants to wait to have children until her late 20s, Kris is reportedly eager for that day to come sooner. In April 2022, Kendall shared with Paper Magazine that Kris is definitely pressuring her to have kids and "will just randomly [text] me and be like, 'I think it's time.'" 

Fans react to Kris Jenner pressuring Kendall to have a baby

On the latest episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians," fans were quick to criticize Kris Jenner over the way she pushed her daughter to have a baby with her current partner, NBA star Devin Booker. Kris was adamant with Kendall Jenner that "maybe it's time ... to have a baby" (via Page Six). Kendall fired back by saying, "You keep telling me, 'You're not getting any younger,' but guess what? It's my life," and added that she simply "wasn't ready yet." 

Unsurprisingly, Kris was undeterred. She told Kendall, "Every year that goes by, the [egg] count goes down a little bit," and even called up the family's OB-GYN for her advice on whether or not Kendall should freeze her eggs.

The conversation did not sit well with fans, who immediately took to social media to dissect the uncomfortable back-and-forth. "The way [Kris] bullies Kendall to freeze her eggs and pressures her to conceive ASAP because she "isn't getting any younger" is crazy," one unhappy fan tweeted. "This scene of kris getting kendall to freeze her eggs i am so uncomfortable," someone else chimed in on Twitter. A third person humorously shared a Twitter video of Kendall choking into her mug after Kris told her it was time to have a baby. "We are all Kendall," the fan wrote.

Earlier in May, Entertainment Tonight reported that Kendall pranked her family by telling them she was pregnant. Kris' first reaction was joyful, as she told her daughter that she'd just had a dream about Kendall's pregnancy. Of course, the momager is still waiting for a real announcement.