Leaked Photos Of Jesse Williams Are Causing A Huge Stir

Here's your NSFW warning, as there are some very revealing photos and a video of former "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams floating around the internet right now — and it all went viral on a very special day for the star. On May 9, it was revealed that the actor had landed himself a nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play for his role in "Take Me Out." The cast of the play is pretty much dominating in that category, as he's going against his own co-stars, Chuck Cooper and Michael Oberholtzer, who are also nominated for the production.

For a bit of background, Williams plays Darren Lemming in the show, which marks his debut on Broadway shortly after he waved bye bye to Grey Sloan Memorial. He explained to Entertainment Weekly in March that he wanted to do something different that took him totally out of his comfort zone, admitting, "I was leaving a job that I'd been at and been comfortable in for some time. I didn't want to be too comfortable. I wanted to do something very different. If I'm going to a make a shift, I want to make a shift with purpose. I wanted to do something that was really going to challenge me and scare me." How does it take him out of his comfort zone, we hear you ask? Well, the role requires him to get totally naked on stage. Totally. Naked.

Jesse Williams' nude stage show

Everyone was talking about Jesse Williams on May 9 for much more than just his Emmy nomination, as footage and photos from his role in "Take Me Out" went viral online, and, well, given what we just told you he does in the play, you can imagine why. Per TooFab, videos and photos (which you can see the censored version of above) began popping up across social media showing the star totally naked on stage, despite attendees being asked to put their phones in special cases provided by the theater to create a phone-free audience.

But it seems like Williams actually isn't too worried about the whole world seeing him in, erm, the altogether. Discussing his full-frontal scenes, he admitted on "Watch What Happens Live"'s After Show with Andy Cohen on May 9, "Everybody makes such a big deal. It's a body. Once you see it, you realize it's not, whatever, it's a body!" He then joked about his family and friends seeing him nude with Cohen and his co-star in the play, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, before noting, "I just have to make it not that big of a deal" and later added, "I just get it over with." He also explained the scenes to Entertainment Tonight, saying, "This has gotta be the smartest play that involves nudity."

As for those thirsty people on Twitter, though? We think plenty on the social media site may need a little longer to get over it.